Thomas Schwoerer is a professional photographer specialized in automotive advertising aswell as people / lifestyle photoshoots. He also loves to shoot architecture, landscape and technology, often combining these elements to create striking visuals for his clients all over the globe. Based in Hamburg, Germany he loves to travel the world to shoot wherever it is needed and the locations are best. With his international connections and his 20+ years of experience in the professional photography world he can provide service almost everywhere and for almost every task. His friendly, yet professional persona makes him a pleasure to be and work with and a reliable partner - no matter if it´s a 1 day shoot or a 5 weeks production.
Thomas started an apprenticeship at the age of 20 in an industrial company shooting huge machinery. He moved on to become an assistant to various advertising photographers, working mainly in the car advertising industry. In 2007 he became selfemployed and started working on a professional level right away. From there his growing reputation and experince gained him new clients ever since.
He has an office in Hamburg  and lives with his wife and kid in the city. In his sparetime he enjoys beeing with family and friends and doing fine woodworking.

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